Prayer Journal

This journal is to keep me accountable and to inspire all who read it to pray without ceasing and watch the desires of your heart come to life

Week 1

Day 1

Today I pray for peace, patience and strength in understanding that you will supply my every need, regardless of what my situation currently looks like I know that it is already taken care of and I thank you for continuously blessing me despite my shortcomings. Thank you for blessing me with supportive family members, encouraging friends and a perfect peace in the midst of my trials. 


Day 2

Thank you for opening doors for me, thank you for speaking to me and through me. Bless me lord with the right opportunities so that you can continue to get the glory in my life. Thank you for blessing me with a strong mind and strong faith. I know that you have never let me down and I find comfort in being your child. Thank you for blessing me with MORE. You are more than I deserve and you bless me with more than I ask. I love you.


Day 3

Thank You God for continuously blessing me, thank you for my family, thank you for my friends and thank you for the love of my life. Thank you for surrounding me with your gifts, for giving me the opportunity to glorify you with mine. God, I pray for renewed strength, peace and patience. You have been so good to me God and I cant express my gratitude enough. You are awesome and perfect in all of your ways! You are love. You are peace. You are strength. You are wonderful. Bless me Father so that I can shine your light to all of those who surround me. Let your works and gifts be shown through me. 


Thank you God for deliverance, everything that you have set me free from does not go unnoticed. You have equipped me with a mindset to recognize my bad habits, and in recognizing them I give them completely to you. You are my deliverer and have restored me countless times. I thank you for being such a forgiving God. I thank you for all that you are doing, all that you've done and all you will continue to do.


Day 4

Day 5

Thank you God for continuing to move on my behalf. You have allowed me to be a blessing to those around me and to reap from the things I've sewn into their lives. For that reason God I give you praise and thanks! Father, I ask that you continue to lead and guide me, allow me to be a blessing in more ways than one to new people in my life. Allow me to spread your love to those I come into contact with. Most importantly God, let your light, mercy, grace, and love be brought to the forefront. Let your glory shine through us all. Thank you for being a way maker, thank you for never leaving my side. I love you.


Thank you God for shining your light of positivity all around me. Thank you for taking care of me, surrounding me with love and shielding me from temptation. Help me to continue to know the difference between things that do not serve me or you. Guide my actions, my thoughts and my speech. Mold me into someone more pleasing in your sight. Thank you for your love and guidance. Thank you for your grace and mercy.


Day 6

Day 7

God I thank you for carrying me through another week. Blessing me to see another day. Thank you or your love. Thank you for growth and strength. Thank you for the support you have surrounded me with. God I pray for guidance and peace. I pray that you continuously bless me with mental strength and renewed emotional strength. Thank you for blessing me with resilience and the comfort of knowing you have my best interest at heart. There is truly no amount of times I can thank you for all the good things you continue to do in my life. Thank you for blessing my family and friends. Thank you for allowing me to be a blessing to those around me.


week 2


Thank you lord for being my support. Hank you for being my peace. Your love has always been with me and I feel it now more than ever. You are so good God. Your love is awesome, your power is amazing. Thank you for being my provider. I love you God. I can't thank you enough. I ask for continued peace. I ask for continued wisdom to side sep every trick the enemy has set out for me. Thank you for deliverance, thank you for guidance, thank you for walking this path with me. I love you.



day 2

God, first I'd like to thank you for allowing me to see another day. God I pray for provision, I ask for strength in my creativity. Allow me to use every gift you've blessed me with to bless others and glorify you. Help me to remember to continuously give you all the glory for the things you've done in my life. Bless me financially father so i can give to those around me, bless me emotionally so that I don't depend on anyone else for emotional strength or validation. Bless me with security and strength. I love you for loving me.


God thank you for being the only constant source of love and peace in my life. Your love is never ending, it is infinite and I love you for loving me. God I ask for favor, I ask that you bless me with strength in who I am and who I was created to be and who I was created to serve. God bless me with the right job that will bless me financially while also allowing me to gain useful knowledge and that will allow me to thrive while in school. Bless me while getting my education, help all necessary processes be handled properly. Bless me with strength and proper time management so that I'm not overwhelmed during school. Thank you for allowing me to get this far, because I know you wont leave me as i go further. Thank you.




Thank You God for blessing me with another day. Thank you for blessing me with the gift of self-love. Thank for loving me so that I can learn to love myself. Lord, I ask you for continued and renewed strength and patience. Reveal to me my purpose so that I can walk in it and use it glorify you. Bless me with provision and favor. Though I'm often times not deserving, I pray you guide my footsteps. Guide my tongue and my actions. Walk with me every day God. Heal my heart, my mind and my spirit. Protect my energy from those who seek to damage or take advantage of it. Thank you for blessing me with supportive friends and family. Thank you for allowing my light to shine onto others. I love you.